Adopt a Bunny or Other Critter

Thinking about bringing a rabbit into the family? Please consider adopting a rabbit from a shelter. Many shelters are overflowing with rabbits, especially after Easter when unwanted gifts are surrendered. Contact your local animal shelter or consult your nearest House Rabbit Society chapter to find out about local rabbit shelters and adoption possibilities. Some rabbit adoption links are listed below. Send us your link if you are a shelter that would like to be listed here.

Rabbits require veterinary care, regular grooming, daily exercise, a constant supply of hay, a constant supply of fresh water, daily social contact, a good size cage and regular litter box and cage cleaning. Rabbits can live to be up to 12 years old, so you are making a significant commitment in adopting a rabbit. Rabbits can make excellent pets and are very entertaining and affectionate if given the opportunity. It is not humane to keep a rabbit by itself outside in a hutch. Rabbits are social animals and need to be in the house with the rest of the family to thrive.